Training schools

Training Schools aim at widening, broadening and sharing knowledge relevant to the Action’s objectives through the delivery of intensive training on a new and emerging subject. They can offer familiarisation with unique equipment or expertise that are typically to the benefit of ESR, although not exclusively. They are not intended to provide general training or education.

COST support covers the organisation costs of the Training School (see section 5), as well as the participation of trainees and trainers (travel, accommodation and meal expenses only). Lecture fees can never be paid to Training Schools Trainers using COST funds. The following general provisions apply when organising a Training School:

1. A ratio of at least 3 trainees to 1 trainer should be respected unless justified;

2. Training Schools should last between a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 15 days;

3. Training School must be held in a Participating COST country or in NNC institutions;

4. No lecture fees can be paid to trainers;

5. A reasonable country balance should be respected concerning the trainees;

6. The MC members define amongst the eligible participants (trainers and trainees) those who are entitled to be reimbursed