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European Network On Ecological Functions Of Trace Metals In Anaerobic Biotechnologies    




1.  Meetings present Grant Period (01/10/2015-30/04/2016)

1.1.             WG2 Ring test Leuven (BE). 9/02/2016

What’s a ringtest?

Across literature, results regarding the influence of trace metals on the biogas yields (from batch assays) and digestion performance largely diverge from one another. It is not always clear if this is due to differences in sources of inoculum, experimental procedures or analytical methods. In order to make our results interlab-comparable, we have to make sure that our methods are generating similar results. A ring test performed among several COST-members (and including two or more certified laboratories?), can give an idea about the variability of results from trace metal dosing activity tests. Depending on the results of the ring test, a common procedure can be outlined for future research, ensuring reliable and interlab-comparable results. Thus, the purpose of the ring test is not only to determine proficiency, but also to help improve performance and to determine if the test methods in use are reliable and reproducible.

Kick-off meeting for the ringtest will be held in KU Leuven on the 9th February, to talk about the practicalities of the ringtest and to finalize the protocol. 


Invitations have been already sent. If you have missed the invitation to take part on it, contact Lise Appels:  lise.appels@cit.kuleuven.be


1.2.            WG5 meeting Athens (GR). 10-11/03/2016

The next meeting of WG5 (Modeling of Anaerobic Digestors) will be held in Athens on March 10-11, 2016 (2-day event). For those who would like to participate, there is a doodle poll at: http://doodle.com/poll/gq5x4icvvntvhqqc


The meeting will be hosted by the Laboratory of Environmental Science and Engineering (School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece) and will take place at NTUA campus (http://www.ntua.gr/map_en.html


2.  Meetings next Grant Period (01/05/2016-31/12/2016) All meeting dates are tentative till COST approval   

2.1.            WG1&4 meeting Zagreb (CR). 2-3/06/2016

In the frame of the COST action ES1302 European Network on Ecological Functions of Trace Metals in Anaerobic Biotechnologies  and on behalf of WG1 and WG4 leaders, I would like to invite you to answer the following doodle invitation



It is  planned to have the WG1 and WG4 meeting over 2 days in Zagreb Tentative date: June 2nd and 3rd 2016.


I would like to remind you that:

WG 1 deals with TM chemical speciation and bioavailability http://anaerobicmetals.eu/working-group-1-chemical-speciation-and-bioavailability/
WG4 deals with  Fate of TM in environment http://anaerobicmetals.eu/working-group-4-fate-of-tm-in-environment/


As both topics are quite connected we decided to have common activities in the next 2 years.


2.2.            WG2&3 meeting Istanbul (TK). 8-9/09/2016

It is  planned to have the WG2 and WG3 meeting over 2 days in Istanbul Tentative date: September 8th and 9th 2016.

Please book these dates in your agenda if you intend to join. Additional info regarding  the place of meeting, accommodations will be distributed later on.


2.3.            MC & WG meeting Prague (CZ). 20-21/10/2016

It is  planned to have the MC and WGs meeting over 2 days in Prague Tentative date: October 21st and 22nd 2016.

Please book these dates in your agenda if you intend to join. Additional info regarding  the place of meeting, accommodations will be distributed later on.


3.  Short Term Scientific Missions

There are up to 8 STSM available up to 30 April 2016, Apply now! Rules can be download at: Vademecum. 

In order to apply for it the applicant must:

1.    Obtain the agreement of the host institution, before submitting an application.

2.    Complete the online application form (see https://e-services.cost.eu/stsm)

3.    Send the attached STSM application (by e-mail as attachment) together with any necessary document which the Applicant may regard as helpful in supporting the application at the evaluation process (such as CV, list of publications, motivation letter, letter of support from the home institute etc.), all this additional info has to be sent in a single pdf file and no longer than 5 pages,  to:

-The future Host institution of the STSM. (who will send his agreement to host the applicant to the STSM coordinator)

STSM coordinator.

4.    Once approved by the STSM Committee (STSM coordinator and WG leader related to the STSM), the Grant Holder will send a grant letter generated from e-COST to the applicant.


4.  Not-COST events and news from COST-partners


-Veolia Challenge Innovation : «Sulfide Sensors» (See attachment).

Sulfides in wastewater are responsible for high nuisances in networks and treatment plants: odors, safety risk for operators, corrosion and damages of the asset. In the last decade, an expansion of these problems has been noticed due to the increase of the sensitivity of populations to any kind of nuisance in their environment and the increase of the networks length.

In order to reduce the production of sulfide, different types of treatment exist. Nevertheless their implementation is compromised by the fact that it is currently difficult to continuously monitor the concentrations of sulfide in waste water. In this context,

Veolia is are looking for innovative, cost-effective and low-maintenance solutions able to provide on-line measurement of sulfides.


-LivestockWaste2016: 10-12 August, 2016, Galway, Ireland (See attachment).


5.  Do you want to disseminate something to the COST_ES1302 Network?

Do you want to show your latest publication/product/service? Are you looking for research/industry partners for a specific call? Or just want to show the new webpage of your lab/company? Whatever you want to share within the COST_ES1302 network just send it to the MC Chair to get it included in the next Newsletter.

Send a title and a short paragraph (it is advisable to include a link for further info).

You also can tweet it for faster dissemination.


Newsletter 7

1.    Meetings present Grant Period (01/10/2015-30/04/2016)

1.1.  WG2 Ring test Leuven (BE)

1.2.  WG5 meeting Athens (GR)

2.    Meetings next Grant Period (01/05/2016-31/12/2016)

2.1.  WG1&4 meeting Zagreb (CR)

2.2.  WG2&3 meeting Istanbul (TK)

2.3.  MC & WG meeting Prague (CZ)


3.    STSM.

Apply now for a Short Term Scientific Mission

4.    Not-COST events and news from COST-partners

·         Veolia Challenge Innovation : «Sulfide Sensors» (See attachment)

·         LivestockWaste2016: 10-12 August, 2016, Galway, Ireland (See attachment)

5.    Do you want to disseminate to the COST_ES1302 Network?

Find out how to do it




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