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European Network On Ecological Functions Of Trace Metals In Anaerobic Biotechnologies    




1.  Overview ES1302

We are already running for 1.5 years!  and trace metals effect on anaerobic digestion is getting into the agenda of many different stakeholders. COST Action ES1302 is growing with more researchers and companies interested in taking part on it. The latest countries to get into the network are Lithuania and Israel. So, take the opportunity to enhance your network!!


Several general papers and methodology papers are being written and several STSM has been already executed. All this makes the ES1302COST network a valuable tool to enhance research and knowledge transfer, not only at European level but also with researchers and companies outside the European borders, such as Brazil or South Africa.


You can see in this newsletter:

·         A letter from the COST organization about potential budget cut for COST, take a deep look at it!.

·         The next meetings to come in 2015.

·         How to apply to a Short Term Scientific Mission.


Enjoy and take Action!!!


2.  Potential budget cut for COST on H2020

In the context of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), drawing budget from Horizon 2020, COST may be facing the next two years a potential budget cut for operating the COST framework. This would impact the future number of COST Actions and lower the funds available for all ongoing and new COST Actions.

COST is seeking for your support in attracting attention of the EU Institutions to avoid any budget cut to COST which with low investment creates high leverage. If you believe that the COST Association should have stable and adequate budget to allow European researchers, engineers and scholars to connect and collaborate, please sign this online petition.



3.  Meetings to come

3.1.            WG2 meeting Galway: 22nd September

The WG2 (microbiology, microbial ecology and microbial community manipulation) Workshop of the ES1302 COST Action on Trace Metals in Anaerobic Biotechnologies will be on: Tuesday, 22nd September, 2015 in Galway, Ireland. 

Please mark the date if you are interested in participating. More details, as well as e-COST invitations for some participants, will follow in early August.

Meanwhile, Gavin Collins (gavin.collins@nuigalway.ie) will be happy to receive any suggestions for workshop content from those of you with interests in the success of WG2’s contribution to the COST Action on trace metals.


3.2.            WG4 meeting Porto: 28th September

The WG4 (Fate of Trace Metals in environment) meeting will be on:

Monday, September 28, 2015, in Porto, Portugal.

Please mark the date if you are interested in participating. More details, as well as e-COST invitations for participants, will follow in early August.

This will be a one day meeting (9:00-18:00) to discuss several topics related to the “Fate of Trace Metals in environment”. This will include, among others, topics such as fate and speciation changes of trace metals in digestate outside the bioreactor, effects of digestate disposal on soils communities (microorganisms and plants), or re-use of digestate and metal recovery.

Meanwhile, Ana Paula Mucha (amucha@ciimar.up.pt) will be happy to receive any suggestions for topics to be discussed during the meeting.


3.3.            MC and WGs meeting Barcelona: 22nd and 23rd October


On the 22nd and 23rd October we will have the MC and WGs meeting in Barcelona organized by Dr. Belen Fernandez from IRTA (www.irta.cat) . This meeting was planned on the 15th October, but it had to be moved to the 22nd and 23rd October. Hope many of you can still set it on the agenda!

We will have the MC meeting on the 23rd. During the 22nd and 23rd each WG will host a session.


If you are a MC member, please fill this doodle (link below), Write your name and tick the box if you are coming, if you are not coming just write your name, in any of the two cases, click “save” afterwards:



If you are not a MC member but WG member, please fill this doodle (link below) if you are planning to take part and action on this meeting:


4.  Short Term Scientific Missions

There are up to 7 STSM available in 2015, Apply now! Rules can be download at: Vademecum. Check Point 7 STSM (Page 29)

In order to apply for it the applicant must:

1)      Obtain the agreement of the host institution, before submitting an application.

2) Complete the online application form (see https://e-services.cost.eu/stsm)

3)   Send the attached STSM application (by e-mail as attachment) together with any necessary document which the Applicant may regard as helpful in supporting the application at the evaluation process (such as CV, list of publications, motivation letter, letter of support from the home institute etc.), all this additional info has to be sent in a single pdf file and no longer than 5 pages,  to:

– The future Host institution of the STSM. (who will send his agreement to host the applicant to the STSM coordinator)
STSM coordinator.

4)      Once approved by the STSM Committee (STSM coordinator and WG leader related to the STSM), the Grant Holder will send a grant letter generated from e-COST to the applicant.


5.  Which WG are you interested in? Fill it out!

Do you want to know who is involved in each Working Group and get really involved through the Working Groups?

Fill out the google doc through this form (just click and fill in it).


6.  Do you want to disseminate something to the COST_ES1302 Network?

Do you want to show your latest publication/product/service? Are you looking for research/industry partners for a specific call? Or just want to show the new webpage of your lab/company? Whatever you want to share within the COST_ES1302 network just send it to the MC Chair to get it included in the next Newsletter.

Send a title and a short paragraph (it is advisable to include a link for further info).

You also can tweet it for faster dissemination.


Newsletter 6

1.    Overview ES1302


2.    Potential budget cut for COST on H2020


3.    Meetings to come

3.1.  WG2 meeting Galway

3.2.  WG4 meeting Porto

3.3.  MC & WG meeting Barcelona


4.    STSM

Apply now for a Short Term Scientific Mission

5.    Which WG are you interested in?

Fill out the google doc link

6.    Do you want to disseminate to the COST_ES1302 Network?

Find out how to do it




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